API and Usage Information
- Being at work is defined as times from 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri
- Put any valid country OR IP address after the forward slash
      examples: /china or /
- All API calls are done with keywords at the end of the URL after a colon
  :status = get plain text status for a country
      example: /spain:status
  :status-country = get plain text status for a country and show the country
      example: /
  :help = show API information
      example: /france:help

Ok, thanks. I get it.
Are they at work in Sao Tome And Principe?
    People are likely gone from the office or getting ready to leave in Sao Tome And Principe (ST).
Local timezones/cities are:
Sao Tome
5:24:55 pm
(Sun, Jul 21 2024)
List of Countries

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